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Nieuw bij Micky Blue de collectie van PiuPiuChick! We waren er al even verliefd op, maar nu bij ons te bewonderen de SS21 collectie "At the Movies". Dit is wat ze er zelf over zeggen, we zouden het niet beter kunnen doen:

"When going back to our childhood memories, the special ones always come to our minds. those memories we dive into “watching movies” for countless long hours.

They are Special memories indeed, not just because of the movie long hours, but also the process itself.

the endless conversations with our grandparents about how their favourite movie impacted their life; the stories about how all the family got together in front of the first black & white tv. oh god! it was not that long ago when the first tv's appeared in our family homes.

The excitement and often the sibling and cousin rivalry over which movie to choose. The careful preparation of the family Saturday movie night session. Salty or sweet popcorn? Who sat on the couch and who sat on the floor? Who took the seat next to mum? Fiction or adventure? Walt or warner?

The vh's fascination! Suddenly, we could choose when and where to watch our favourite movie! the sound of the rewinding tape, how could one forget? The blockbuster extra charge when returning a vh's without rewinding it to start! “be kind, please rewind!”

The early teenage years with the first passion for the lead actor/ actress of our beloved movie. how many times did we watch that same movie over and over again? the lines we knew by heart. The discussions with friends imagining “what would you say” if we ever bumped into or came across them!

The favourite movie’s poster put up on the wall with a secret heart and kiss on the back! our own collection of tapes on the shelf, making us so proud!

Being taken to the video store was the start of the week- end. As teenagers it was surely part of an outstanding friday night! No, it was not as convenient as scrolling through a list of movies with your fingertips, but there was a profound sharing and social side to it.

And the thing is, in our memories, we were never watching movies alone, nor with headphones. it wa the good old way!