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Bobo Choses


Bobo Choses

For President. SS21 collection by Bobo Choses. Available now!

Today my presidential candidacy I declare. This is my platform for the politically aware: I would make smiles to be a part
of everyday faces and hearts.

We would all have chocolate homes
with chocolate flowers, to live in and rejoice.
Every person would be the same size
so that jealousy would never arise.
I would make animals speak
and we’d go to school three days a week.
For our heads not to be busier
I would make maths easier.
Our History textbooks would rhyme
and it would be Summer, all of the time.
Mums would be forced to accept
spiders and lions as pets.
For everyone to move around
I’d put the price of horses down.
Comic books would be a million pages long. September would go at the bottom, August on the top. Election season is full of smiles,
fingers-crossed and thumbs-up hands.
But now it’s becoming evident:
I don’t have the time to be president!
To all you adults with great capabilities:
don’t force kids to take on your responsibilities!
I would rather vote for some peas
which do not know war, but staying in peace.
If I were president some fine day
grown-ups would work and children would play!

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